Aspiring to do better

Dec 01, 2016

Creating “good enough” is never enough for me. I always want create the best and push myself further and further than I ever have.


I have always been big into making short videos whether it is documenting a trip or reviewing products however I never really got into making that many and pushing my ability as a film maker and editor. I purchased a camera stabiliser similar to that of a glidecam hoping to start making more videos. Years past and I never used it only the odd time around the house.

Capable of 4k and 60fps at 1080p paired with my
Canon 600D the possibilities are endless.

Recently I then bit the bullet and got myself a drone. Having watched many videos with people including drone footage in their videos I decided to get one for myself. I am a person who is constantly looking at things wether it’s designs for websites, menus, posters or videos and wondering about ways how I could make them better or do things differently to improve it.

I always enjoy that moment when I finish a project that I have something to show for it wether that be a website, a poster or video.  I always aspire to keep doing better and improving my skills. I keep looking back on my previous work to see where I started and to see the progress of how I got to where I am today which I am very happy with however, I strive to push myself more and more each and every day. Having purchased this drone I hope that I will be able to challenge myself to do something different and more creative and push my skills more than I have ever done before.

I hope after writing this post that there will be many more to come which I will include many of the videos I create along with many photos from various trips in my life.

To finish this post I would like to share with you the first video I have made with my new drone in 4K. It is a short video to showcase the Whitechurch National School from the sky.

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