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Mar 09, 2017

I am constantly looking at my clients and all the work that they put in behind the scenes to get traffic to their website and I see a direct correlation between the amount of effort put in and the amount of traffic.

I like to think of a website as this physical store that has it’s own plot of land. When you first launch your store I see it as this little store down the country along a winding dirt path with no signs to get there with no signs outside the shop. Is this the way you want you want people to find you? Do you expect people to just turn up and know where there going? The truth is that there are going to be little to no people that are going to be able to find you.

So what do you do to change this??

The only thing that will change this is a lot of hard work and endless nights making your business a success. So you have your website setup and people can find you by typing in your domain but who is going to do that when they don’t know it word for word. This is where optimising your website for the search engine comes into play. People are searching for your business whether that be for a local furniture maker, photographer or a restaurant. You need your website to be able to rank for these searches. Straight away you are not going to rank for all the big search terms like Best Restaurant In San Fransisco or Wedding Photographer Dublin you need to think more about long tail search queries. What I mean by this is you should optimise for more specific searches such as Wood Fired Pizza Restaurant in Downtown LA Area or Family Photographer In South Dublin. These long tail searches account for 70% of all searches and since there so specific, there is less competition making it easier for you to rank higher for these searches.

Passive vs Active

So you have your website setup with people searching for your business with your pages optimised for long tail search queries. However this alone simply won’t work, you have turned your dirt road I mentioned at the beginning into a paved road along with adding a few signs along the way. This is a passive way of getting in users through what is called organic search which is a big factor. However we now need to focus our attention on being active on social media and actively getting people to your site. Each social media platform acts as the possibility for a new road to your shop and the opportunity is just waiting for you to grab. People want to engage with you so start writing engaging content whether this be though blog posts, Instagram stories or YouTube videos.

How many times have you come across a business on social media just by chance of being similar to something you recently searched? The odds are too many to count and without you putting out content this cycle will never begin for your own business. Spam content will never work, people will trust you when your content is personal and truthful. People can tell if you are lying and if you are debating between Instagram or Snapchat do both! Facebook or twitter both! There are going to be many social media channels that are going to work for your business and many that also won’t suit your business but you have to try in order to find out.

You need to stay consistent across all the platforms that you choose and post regularly. When was the last time you got annoyed that a business or someone you follow hadn’t posted new content? Reverse that and think of it with your business, you don’t want your customers to be looking for new content where you stay inactive across the board. Bring this back to my original analogy of our store, we now have setup multiple roads coming into are store where we are actively going and putting out content to people. This along with optimisation of our store we are now bringing in some steady traffic. To reiterate, once you have setup everything up you need constantly be active working and improving upon these things.

With everything setup we should begin to start promoting all the work we have done through platforms like Facebook ads and Google Adwords. Set some money aside and dedicate that directly towards advertising your business. The more you get your name out there the more people who will know of you name of your business and start to recommend you to their friends and family.

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