Leaving Wesley

Dec 02, 2016

Finishing up my last few days in Wesley was a very emotional time. Walking into the classroom knowing that this is going to be the last time I will walk into the room. A time where I may not see my teacher again which have taught me for years. Throughout the six years but particularly the last year my relationship with my teachers really grew. Being in 6th year we really got a lot more respect and responsibility. We begun to have conversations not only strictly about our course but making jokes and having a laugh.

Being in 7:45am every morning felt like a struggle some days but getting to talk to everyone early in the morning really was something that I was able to look forward to. There were some mornings where people made you feel the worst and you just didn’t want spend the rest of the day there but through some amazing friends we were all able to carry each other through the good and bad days. The life in Wesley was really made amazing by each and every student in the college, most days walking into assembly to hear about all the activities that have been going on and the accomplishments of teams and individuals in both academic and extra curricular activities.

Being in class from 9am-4pm every day relationships with everyone in my class really grew. Coming back that first day after summer having not talked to some people for so long was nice to be able to catch up on what we had done on our time off. This is something that after leaving will not happen again. Going from seeing everyone each day to only seeing a select few when you arrange to meet up accidentally bump into them while your out. Leaving Wesley is very sad time however I am excited in what the future holds the possibilities that are ahead of me.


There are various trips throughout my my years that really stand out to me one of which being the Outdoor Pursuits in fourth year. Going away for a week with people from your year and doing activities that you don’t have to take as serious as if you were being marked on it. Spending the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep with your friends is something that was truly amazing. Working up to the hike on the Thursday and camping that night was great fun.

Not all of my time in Wesley was took seriously. On trips we
were able to relax and have fun!


Another trip that really stood out to me was the Burren trip in fifth year. Being part of the aratics group I did not have any projects to work on like others studying geography. I was there solely for fun and had no work lying over me. Visiting the Cliffs Of Moher, Surfing in Lahinch, visiting caves were only a few of the activities we did. At the end of the day going back to the hotel to relax with my friends was a great. Although a short trip which unfortunately got cut even shorter it was still a great trip out and to visit a different part of Ireland where I had never been before.


Sport was a big part of my time in Wesley, playing hockey for the second year team while only in first year was a great way to start the year. However when you had to train with them and all you did was fitness sometimes I just wanted to leave. Sun, rain or snow we were always out on the pitch when possible. Making it to the finals was always a great achievement but loosing out to St Andrews 1-0 in the last 15 seconds in first year is never a nice way to end the season. Making it to the all Irelands in second year and coming runners up as the second best team in Ireland at that age group was a real achievement.

Moving into the Junior team was a real step up in terms of level. A couple long seasons but finally getting our first gold in a small tournament. However this was never the goal it was to win the league and cup. Luckily we made it to the final but only to have the senior coach pull our best players for a friendly match result in coming runners up again where we should have won with our full team.

Senior 1st was another step up and really started to get challenging with people playing for Leinster and Ireland. The quality of hockey played was like nothing I had ever played before. Tactics changed and the mentality got very serious. Getting knocked out of the group stages in the All Irelands was a real let down however that didn’t stop up from pushing on to finally end the season with winning gold in the Cup. 6th year came around and I was now one of the most senior people on the team. Making our way to the final in the All Irelands was a real achievement. Battling agains St Andrews in the semi-final to win on eventually win on strokes. Unfortunately not playing as well as we should have however coming runners up was still a great achievement. We made our way into both the final in the league and cup. Having broken my wrist a few months before our league final my coach refuses me to play despite me being able to play. Watching on the sideline as our team got the victory over St Andrews, a few weeks late the cup final comes around that I get to play in but unfortunately just loosing out to St Andrews in the end.

There is nothing more I won’t forget is playing a final in Three Rock Rovers with the whole school out to support. The whole pitch surround by people and everyone constantly shouting and cheering you on. There is nothing like the pressure when you are on the ball with so many people watching. The moment when the final whistle blows and the crowd flood the pitch. Win or loose I enjoyed playing hockey in Wesley.

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