Stop Watching and Start Doing

Feb 17, 2017

Every time I’m working in the creative space whether it’s content creation, designing websites, posters, banners or coding a WordPress theme I always find myself coming back to one saying and that is to Stop Watching and Start doing.


If you want people to start listening you have to show up and be there. What I mean by this is that there are so many people out there that just aren’t producing enough content whether that be through articles, video or any other pieces of content that help you to engage with your audience. Your need to have online presence but make it personal and original not sending out spam.

Success won’t happen over night, large successful business’s such as Facebook and Google took years to before they really took off. If you downscale and think of your local super market, they didn’t just wake up one day and have hundreds of customers come through their store through hard work dealing with suppliers and affordable prices to attract customers this was achieved.

So many people say this and yes I fall into this at times and that is were too busy or don’t have enough time where the majority of the time this is just an excuse. Do you turn on the tv after school or after your boring job? Are you spending each and every weekend working on this idea of your and putting you all into it? We can put so much effort into our passion but we give up after only 2 week, 2 months or 2 years after seeing no success?? If it’s something you want to do for the rest of your life why give up so easily. When you reach a level of success people will say “you’re so lucky” and the reality is you’re not lucky you put in the endless hours working weekends and on holidays.

One thing that I am excited and passionate about is designing and developing websites but not only so that they look nice and function but that they are optimised for the end-user. You are trying to visit a website but it takes to long to load, it doesn’t work well on your phone so you leave or you have stopped filling out a form because it was too confusing. These are only a few reasons that frustrate me which I aim to improve on each project I work on. There is no guessing and hoping what you have done will work there any so many people that you can receive feedback from family, friends or school mates.

Taking that first step is the most important and one of the hardest hurdle that most people face and once you have made it, it will become easier and easier as each day goes on. But instead were sitting around coming up with excuses or debating whats going to happen you need to stop and start doing it. When I look back on my life I am deeply scared of regret, wishing I had done this or that. There are so many opportunities passing each and every day and now is the best time to start.

In 2014 I first entered into the Eir Junior Spiders awards for Best Web Design and got shortlisted which is an amazing fete having started designing and building websites only 4 months before. I had already moved into PHP learning and building a site from scratch. I didn’t win but not getting an award was probably better than winning, the drive to push harder and do better resonated inside me staying up late learning new lines of code or techniques. Every day coming home from school the thought process was to constantly work and create something. Not turning on the xbox or searching videos on Facebook but at the end of the day and having something to show for my hard work.

The following two years I entered the Eir Junior Spiders awards again but this time entering into more two more categories Best Individual Project & Best Concept. Having high hopes I got shortlisted again in each of these categories. Unfortunately on the day I didn’t win an award but that didn’t stop me from entering again and again each year. Not winning an award didn’t stray me away from my passion, now having many Irish clients as well as international clients by the age of 18 is no means success but definitely a step in the right direction which I aim to improve upon.

There is no better time to be in the tech space with so many opportunities and paths that can be so easy to setup with the advancement in many tools and platforms. The key is going to be having patients and the drive and determination to pursue your idea.

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