Summer Again

Jun 12, 2017

That time of the year again where college is over and the summer is here. I always thought of the summer as the time to be able to relax a bit, enjoy my self and hang out with friends. This was probably just because I was a kid and not having any responsibilities I could kinda do what I wanted for the whole summer. In the last year since I finished my final state exams in secondary school I have really been able to focus in the area I am really interested in the whole area of design and development. Working full time in Carzone now for the second summer with multiple freelance jobs I have been keeping myself busy constantly working and improving my skills.

At this stage I was self taught and based off my previous work I got offered a job in Carzone as a Design Graduate and this was the first time I was really thrown into the deep end. I was very fortunate to be offered this opportunity at the age of 18. It was an amazing learning experience working with a whole team of designers and developers and being able to get personalised feed back on the work that I did. I was able to get a range of experience from designing a website from scratch, developing a website from scratch and incorporating a custom CMS, website maintenance and designing multiple advertising campaign adverts. Looking back on this my attention to detail and eye for design improved dramatically.

Going to college was the first time I really got formal learning however this was major slow down as going into first year we all needed to be brought up at the same level and having all this experience already meant that I didn’t learn much. Being told to lecture my class in the first week on a Photoshop editing technique was not how I saw my college days starting off.

Before finishing my college exams I had been offered a job with a company called Gourmet Fuel. Working there for a month full time I was able to experience how a startup functions. Being head of running their website I had many areas to work in not only in the design and development but with Analytics, online Advertising and CRM. This offered great opportunity to widen my range of experience and advance on the behind the scenes functionality to the work I was already doing.

However being offered a job back in Carzone the experience was much greater with the team of designers and developers in the area that I wanted to focus in. One week in and already learned so much! Can’t wait for the rest of the summer working with such amazing people.

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